Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vanderheyden killer denied release from psychiatric hospital

A man who was 15 when he killed his 13-year-old best friend at Vanderheyden Hall had his petition for release from the Capital District Psychiatric Center denied this afternoon by a six-person jury in Albany County Court.

Fred Hunt, now 43, has been an inpatient at CDPC since 1989. The civil trial, which began yesterday, heard  from two psychologists and a psychiatrist who all testified that Hunt was not fit to leave the facility.

According to a 1992 article written by Kate Gurnett in the Daily Gazette, "Hunt was 15 when he was found 'not responsible due to mental defect' in the Jan. 5, 1985 killing of Joseph DiDomenico by Rensselaer County Judge M. Andrew Dwyer. Hunt rammed a stick down DiDomenico's throat and mutilated his genitals. The boys were best friends who lived at Vanderheyden Hall." DiDomenico was 13.

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