Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brunswick Elks Lodge Chili Challenge

Kareem Jandali, co-owner of the Broadway Brewery,
ladles spicy beef chili into the dishes of waiting
patrons Sunday in the Brunswick Elks Lodge.
(Jeff Couch/The Record)
The second annual Brunswick Elks Lodge Chili Challenge was held Sunday, Dec. 9 from 1 - 4:30 p.m. Of  ten chilis entered in the contest, the 80 tasters chose Elks Lodge member Don McKay's Buffalo Chicken Chili as overall winner, and voted Uncle Marty's Famous Rib Chili the commercial winner.

With a $6 admission fee at the door, the event raised $500 for local student scholarships.

Here's the complete list of chilis entered in the competition:

Chili: Black Bean and Shrimp
Chef: Pam Greenberg, Capital Region Midwifery

Chili: Buffalo Chicken
Chef: Don McKay

Chili: First Lady Buffalo Chicken
Chef: Theresa Sullivan

Chili: Traditional Beef
Chef: Michele Hendry

Chili: Traditional Beef (last year's winner)
Chef: Mike Pendergast

Chili: Traditional Beef
Chef: Chef Greg Mason
Associated Business: Burden Lake Country Club

Chili: Don Ho's Hawaiian Pineapple (pineapple and turkey)
Chef: Stephanie Silvernail 

Chili: Traditional Beef (w/ habaneros) 
Chef: Paul Greenberg, Elks Lodge

Chili: Traditioanl Beef
Chef: Chef Mike Miller
Associated business: Broadway Brewing company (Broadway Brew Biergarten)

Chili: Uncle Marty's Famous Rib 
Chef: Joe Peters
Associated business: Uncle Marty's Adirondack Grill

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